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Conference & Symposium:

 - 농림축산식품 생물정보교육, 2014
    미생물 de-novo assembly 실습

 - Colloquium on Korean Lichen Research Institute, 2014
    우리는 왜 RNA-seq을 사용해서 연구를 해야 하는가?

 - Symposium on Photosynthesis and Environment, 2005
    List of genes that are up- or down- regulated by high light, low oxygen and high oxygen stresses in rice. Lee Gir Won, Park PhumBum

Ph. D. thesis:
- Genome-wide analysis of temporal gene expression in Magnaporthe oryzae during rice infection (2013, Soongsil University)

Master thesis:
 -  Development of system for gene expression analysis in soybean (Glycine max) by expressed sequence tags (2006, The University of Suwon)

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